How long does an exterior project typically take?

Depending on the size and scale of the job this varies. A typical driveway or patio may take 4-7days, while a complete exterior renovation project may take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Often our crews work tirelessly through the season to deliver your project to you to enjoy as soon as possible.

Isn't concrete slippery in the winter?

This understanding is simply a myth, using quality products especially our nonslip sealers aids to increase traction when the pavement is wet. This helps to eliminate the slip hazards that are known to concrete of the past.

Does your company only complete the concrete portion of work?

This is an extremely important question to answer. We not only complete our concrete work, we also do complete restoration of the property that we have affected. This may mean in some cases replacing damaged sod or the reinstatement of pavers or river stone that we remove to complete our portion of the project. In either case we come to a project and try our best to leave it better than when we started. This often means power washing the surrounding sidewalk,street and even sometimes neighbours driveways.

How do i know there is nothing to worry about when your team comes to complete work on my property?

To answer this simply, there are no worries at all because we take the project from beginning until end, that being when our clients are satisfied. We do our best to ensure there is nothing incomplete when we reveal our work.

How do i know my property will be protected during the project?

At Fallingbrook professionalism comes in various forms. We hold $3 million general liability insurance for your property while we are working on site, to ensure that in the event something happens your property is protected. This gives our clients peace of mind. We also hold WSIB coverage for our employees, important because it ensures that we do not leave you liable in any way during the project. In addition, we have trained staff and keep safety as top priority, which is evident when we start a project.